Welcome to the Scorched Lands..

Set in the Wild West, within South-Western America and North-Western
Mexico (including Texas) there is a large patch of land. Where towns and people once lived but now are destroyed. All due to an almost cataclysmic event which burnt the lands, destroying all in it’s path and if any survived, they were never the same.

The area that was ruined was known as the Scorched Lands. Not a creative name, but the way the word sounded, made the ears rattle. The US government sent many different individuals of varying skills, trades and professions to investigate just what the hell happened.

Some never came back.
Those who did, came back with what sounded like tall tales: of big ol’ monsters with more eyes than teeth, of those who died attacking the living as ghosts and corpses, of those who were found living gifted with strange… abilities and of course that’s not forgetting the strange monuments and formations that no mountain or valley created by the Lord Almighty would ever want to make.

Of course no one believed them. But with hundreds of thousands of men and women enlisted, coming back only in tenths of what left. The stories struck a chord with the higher ups of the US government. In response to the strangeness surrounding the Scorched Lands, the President authorized a ‘reclamation campaign’, using it as legal grounds to invade Mexico. Of course them moustacheoed spics across the way were up to their own schemes just as the Americans were.

The campaign could be argued to have been successful: there had been some success found in creating fortified settlements. It was soon that the strangeness of this new world in the New World would grow to become ordinary.

There’s a saying in the Scorched Lands:
Only the maddest or foolish of men dare enter the Devil’s Doorstep

If you ever consider coming on over across the borderlands. You’d best be ready, or else you’ll be eaten alive.

Scorched Lands: A Weird Western Adventure