Alternate names: Garuda, Crowmen


Humanoid, bird-like creatures, the Malphasites roam the southern parts of the Scorched Lands, nearer to the Mexican Border where they harass the Mexicans: stealing their livestock and stealing shiny objects. Very much like Magpies, Malphasites are intelligent and capable of understanding and communicating in human languages. They will at times be amicable with Native Indians, and trade with them. The Malphasites have large bird-like talons with a upper body more human in shape although covered in dark feathers with a white collar much like a buzzard. Physically their traits take after corvids than buzzards or vultures, as does their mental faculties to some extent though their aggressively, erratic behavior is more akin to other birds of prey. Malphasites also have a strange ability to warp their wings into human arms and hands so as to grip things, though the rest of their body does not change. The Malphasites can usually be seen awakening at sunrise.


Malphasites are prone to operating in familial units and will zealously protect their own or their perceived territory against any intruder or assailant. They will attempt to swoop down and rake the assailants with their talons dealing 1d4 damage. Very rarely they will wield man-made weapons and will use them to their utmost potential considering the Malphasite inquisitive nature
They will attempt to bumrush in large groups and are capable of evading

Weaknesses and Counters

Due to their supernatural nature they are weak to Silver, Blessed Items and other Anti-Supernatural materials and aids. They take +2 more damage from


Dodge Modifier:
Accuracy Modifier:




  • Malphasites are the first ‘enemy’ to be created by Edward Wink and are attempt at combining multiple “bird people” from various mythologies into one uniform species
  • Their name derives from the demon prince Malphas from the Ars Goetia