From the Scorched Lands comes a gift, of varying shades and of varying usefulness. It’s not entirely understood where they come from just that they come if you spend enough time in the Scorched wastes.

One can only receive a single gift and keep it. Rarely does one ever receive 2….

Rarely that is…

And sometimes the fantastic and strange from the world beyond becomes reality. It is augmented.

The strange supernatural powers and abilities of The Scorched Lands powers work on a Resource based system: a player’s “magic pool” is derived from a single deck 3-card draw. That is to say:

1 standard deck of cards (52 in total including jokers) is shuffled and fanned. A player takes 3 cards and keeps the cards with the highest and lowest values, with the remaining card put back into the deck. The sum total values of the two cards in the Player’s hand are the number of “magic points” their Character has. Thus at most a player can get 2 Jokers, meaning a max Fuel Tank of 28.
The process continues with the cards now technically unnecessary put back into the deck and the process repeats until each player has gotten their Fuel Tank ‘filled’.

The characters(s) with the highest Fuel Tank is the first character whom receives powers. The selection of powers revolves around the selection of a 1d20, the power list states the powers numerically so therefore whatever number is rolled, the corresponding number in the list means that that power is gained by said character. Therefore there is a 1/20 chance of getting a power, making them all equally likely to occur.

A character is never able to get multiple powers, at most even very few NPCs have multiple powers (Mr. Warrick being one of few) thus if you’re thinking you can get multiple powers, you’re wrong. No PC may ever be allowed to receive multiple powers and even then they are forbidden from rolling a Lazarite (due to the intentional unbalance of the ability).

When a Character uses their powers, a standard 1d6 is rolled, the 1d6 represents the Fuel cost of the performed power. Powers can critical when a 6 is rolled and have a doubled effect. Diegetically this represents either power incontinence of the Character or the random nature of the Scorched Lands.

Characters must wait at least 1 turn before using another power (purely for the sake of balance), diegetic reasoning for this is that the character is slightly winded and needs to catch their breath or simply recompose themselves.

List of Powers